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  • Charity & Donatioms!

    There are countless charities and genuine worthwile causes out there. While we do Countless hours in services per year for free to charity events and fundraisers., we simply cannot afford to do EVERY event for free. We do have several options for charities and non profit organizations, including a DISCOUNTED rate, if we are not able to volunteer.

      The costs of running a professional entertainment company are very high, including hundreds of dollars a year in public liability insurance, hundreds on training and developing our skills and our shows, and thousands of dollars on top of the line supplies.


      Please look over the options below to see if they are suitable for your cause, and contact us to make arrangements.





      Pay Per Face

      - In this option the public pays me my standard rate based on my pay-per-face menu. Any money we make we keep up to our hourly discounted rate, anything over goes to you. If we do not make our hourly rate, you only owe us the difference. For example:

      Hourly rate: $120, your discounted hourly rate $96

      If we earn $150 per hour from the public, we take our $96, the $54 remainder goes to you.

      If we earn $75 per hour from the public, you only owe us $21.

      This works especially well for fundraisers and any type of event looking for quality entertainment without incurring much of a cost. At busy events, this can also turn a nice profit. Minimum 2 hours and Booking fee (deposit) are required

      Discounted Hourly Rate

      -– In this option, the entertainment is free to the public, but my time, materials, employee payroll and overhead are paid for – and you receive a discount on my standard rate. Here’s how it works: I will discount my standard hourly rate by 20%. I then place a tip jar next to our booth for donations to your fundraising benefit. Anything in the jar at the end of the event will help to recoup your cost. For face painting, "Fast Faces" will be offered to keep the lines moving. Minimum of 2 hours and Booking Fee (deposit) required.

      Corporate Sponsorship

      — In this option you can have another business pay me at my standard rate and no money comes out of your budget. Here’s how it works: You ask one of your sponsors to cover the costs of the services in exchange for displaying their materials at our booth. This can work very well if the sponsor would like to set up an info stall that will get seen – We draw quite a crowd! Minimum 2 hours and Booking Fee (deposit) required

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    Excellent job!! Highly recommend.

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